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Rules (What's allowed and what's not):

1. Please be nice to other people. If they say something you don't like, you can state your opinion but do it in a respectful way. Please respect everyone on this community. If you can't follow this rule, I'll take away your posting access.

2. Feel free to post any type of fan fiction on here. If you want to rewrite a scene from the movie or make up more to it, post it here. We'd love to read it.
In your post, include:

Author Name:

Please put the story behind a lj-cut or link it to another place. It's annoying when you have to keep scrolling down.

3. Links to other PotC or any PotC actors' LJ communities, sites, other journals, or fan fiction are allowed.

4. Icons are welcome at this community. If you have a lot to post, put three in the post as examples and the rest of them behind the lj-cut. And tell us what the icons are about.

5. No netspeak!

6. We'd love to see pictures so post as many as you'd like. If they're gigantic, please put them behind a cut. That also goes for quizzes with pictures, backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.

7. Cross-posting is allowed. Tell us what communities you're cross-posting in, though.

8. Discuss anything that has to do with PotC. Scripts, lives of actors, polls, quizzes, questions, etc.

9. Most importantly, this is a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN community! You can talk about Orlando Bloom as Will Turner however much you want but I do not want to hear you talking about how hot he is in Lord of the Rings.

*Anymore questions? Go to alyssaandleanne.